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We are supporting thousands of people touched by cancer by participating in the Wellness Walk and Research Run for the 7 th time . The money We have raised Will support research breakthroughs and provide access to world-leading wellness and supportive care, giving patients hope during cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. The journey to win over cancer begins with a step and your step counts!
Together lets help people win over and live better with cancer. Please help our Global Team help them by giving whatever you can. Thank you for your generosity , together we can make a difference!

My Updates

06 Jul 2019

This is so amazing !!!
We have reached our goal and we still have 3 months to go, so proud of my team .
Thank you to all our sponsors

Together we are making a difference 🎈

01 Jul 2019

Dry July starts today , please join us
This is a really easy way to raise money for the WW.
Skip your glass of wine and donate the money👍🏻

And remember every bit counts

Together we can make a difference

I am so proud of our team and all your hard work

12 Jun 2019

Congratulations to all team members , we reached over 7500!!
You are all doing a great job
Together we can make a difference ❤️

31 May 2019

The month of June is knocking on our door
Maybe a goodtime to stop visiting your Starbucks and save the money for the fundraise 🎈

06 May 2019

What an amazing start ! We reached more than 3000$ in only a week , great job!
But remember every bit counts, togheter we can make a difference

30 Apr 2019

Let us make Olivia’s dream come true , together we can do this !

Team Grace Global Walkers has 210 supporters