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Support people with cancer.

The 2019 Wellness Walk and Research Run will raise funds to support cancer research breakthroughs and provide access to world-leading wellness and supportive care programs, giving patients hope during cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Watch the video below to understand how registering and fundraising will make a life-changing difference.

If you know someone with cancer or you are a cancer thriver join us on Sunday 6 October and walk or run with Olivia. Last year we had incredible support from our community nationally and internationally and as a result we delivered 191 wellness programs to patients, families and carers and conducted more than 140 research studies across the five core research program areas including breast, bowel, liver, lung, melanoma, gastrointestinal and brain cancer. As well as delivered over 250 clinical trials, giving patients access to the latest treatment breakthroughs.

To support people with cancer, register and fundraise today.

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23 April 2019
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