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Fundraising Incentives

As a way to say thanks from us, as you progress through your fundraising journey you will receive event badges attached to your fundraising page. The more you raise, the more badges you receive!

Personalise your fundraising page
Upload a photo or write a personal message

Receive your first donation
Start fundraising by getting your first donation

Fundraising target reached
Reach the fundraising goal you've set for yourself

Fundraising target increased
Reach a little higher and increase your goal

Raise $150 for a free event shirt
Look great on event day as you walk or run

Raise $750 and get Olivia's book
We'll give you a free signed copy of Olivia’s biography -  “Don't Stop Believin”

Raise $1,500 for a free tour
Witness the impact at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre.

Raise $5,000 and become a VIP
Our top fundraisers will be invited into the event village VIP tent